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Homestyling - behöver du det vid försäljning?

Homestyling - do you need it when selling?

How does home styling affect the final price?

Today, many brokers recommend that you hire an interior design consultant to get help with home styling when you want to sell your home. They are aware that it has an effect on the final price. An interior stylist has the ability to discover details that can make a big difference to the overall impression of your home. In addition, the stylist can see the home from the buyer's perspective and thus highlight the best aspects of your home to attract as many speculators as possible. This creates better conditions for more bidders and thus a higher final price.

There are of course many other factors that come into play in pricing, such as the condition of the home, location and other attributes such as floor plan or the presence of a balcony. Therefore, it is difficult to state exactly how much a styling can affect the price of your home.

To get an idea of ​​how home styling can affect your final price, you can instead put yourself in the role of the speculator.

What is most important to you when looking for a home?

In addition to the area, the address and the starting price, it is usually the pictures of the home that decide whether you choose to go to a viewing or not, right?

The images play an extremely large role in attracting potential buyers.

By investing in home styling, you can create the best conditions to attract potential buyers and achieve a higher final price for your home. Book a free reconciliation meeting with us or read more about our interior design services.

How much does home styling cost?

The price for home styling varies depending on the type of home you have and the type of stylist you choose to hire. Some interior design consultants focus solely on designer furniture, while others may mix in more affordable brands. The cost may vary between different stylists.

When it comes to the context and value of the home, the cost of home styling is relatively small. It is important to see the cost of styling as an investment to create opportunities to reach a higher final price. As a rule of thumb, a complete styling with furniture for a second home in Stockholm's inner city usually starts at around SEK 20,000.

Homestaging and furniture rental

Homestaging is different from Homestyling. Many interior stylists prefer to use new furniture in the apartment to create a style from scratch. For example, it can make a big difference to store a large sofa in a small living room and instead rent a sofa that fits better in the proportions of the room.

This can often make a noticeable difference, and we often get positive feedback from our customers. Storing furniture may seem like a lot of work at first, but it's usually worth it several times over.

At the same time, it is important to emphasize that it is often possible to achieve a lot with small means. Many Swedes already have an interest in interior design and design, and it is important to avoid overfurnishing and overfilling the home unnecessarily, not least out of consideration for the environment.

Homestyling does not always have to mean that everything has to be replaced. You can often work with existing furniture and use small resources such as textiles and decorations to give the home a completely new feel.

Do all walls have to be painted white?

White walls enhance the qualities that many look for in a home - light, cleanliness and space. These qualities appeal to most of us and therefore it is a safe bet. Standing out can have different effects, both positive and negative. Remember that you will not live in the apartment yourself, but you should think about potential buyers.

First impression in the hall

The hall is the first room visitors encounter at a screening, making it a super important room. Create a cozy feeling with the help of plants and lighting, or perhaps a long hall rug.

If you're lucky, there will be many speculators at your viewing. Then it is important that the hall does not feel cramped, but airy and spacious. It is a balancing act that a stylist is good at managing. Hang out the nicest outerwear and display a pair of elegant shoes to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Still life in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it is important to emphasize the good work surfaces that are available. Remove the microwave, dish rack, spices and oils. Many interior stylists use still life in their styling. Invest in part of the kitchen counter and arrange crockery together with green herbs and a nice cookbook or tray.

Fruit bowls aren't really trendy anymore. It is much better to work with kitchen-related items in different levels and materials. Let one point be the focus and keep the rest of the surface relatively clean.

Try mixing hard and soft materials in the kitchen. If you have a lot of stainless steel, marble and tile it can be too hard. Instead, invest in a nice tablecloth on the table or a nice carpet. Place a large bouquet of cut flowers along with a candle on the dining table to create a pleasant atmosphere.

How do I decorate the windows?

If you live on the ground floor, you can have large plants in the window to create privacy. If you have a waterfront view, however, you don't want to block the view. In the kitchen, curtains are usually not needed as it can give a somewhat old-fashioned feel. In the bedroom, on the other hand, curtains can create a cozy and cozy atmosphere.

Can I use plastic flowers?

In Hemrum's pre-loved range, you can find unique interior design with interior details in vintage antiques and second hand

No, it is best to avoid plastic flowers. It's usually one of the first things I remove. The goal is to create a genuine feeling in the home. It gives an overall impression of a well-kept and well-kept home where everything has been done with care.

What should I put on the walls?

Personally, I think the trend of black, hard frames and black and white prints is going out of date. They take a lot of attention in the room. Instead, you should work with neutral frames and posters that don't take over too much. Feel free to mix in a leather magazine holder or a wall vase with flowers. It will be more appealing than just using paintings on the walls.

The most common mistake

A common mistake is not cleaning the home properly before the showing. Since everyone has a different idea of ​​what constitutes a well-cleaned home, it may be a good idea to hire a cleaning company before the sale. A well-kept and stylishly furnished home gives you as a seller the best conditions for a successful sale.

Here are some tips for home styling that you can do yourself:

1. Clean the home thoroughly before the photography and the showing.
2. Remove personal items such as photos and shampoo bottles from the shower.
3. Create a neutral base that suits most tastes.
4. Add light textiles and make a nice bed.
5. Use plants, both potted plants and cut flowers (ask for help from a skilled florist).

How do I find the right stylist?

When hiring a stylist, it is important to choose one that suits your home. Don't just focus on the price in the quote. Choose a stylist who you think can highlight your home in the best way. Find a stylist who can maintain the balance of the styling without overdoing it. A skilled stylist can use what is already there and still create amazing results.

We at Hemrum are here to help you with home styling to transform homes and create attractive environments. Contact us to learn more about our home styling services and how we can help you maximize the value of your home sale.

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