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Vad är "Mindful marketing" & bör ni använda denna praxis?

What is "Mindful marketing" & should you use this practice?

All you need to stand out is to incorporate conscious marketing, better known as mindful marketing, and here's why.

Consumers are tired of the noise

We are all tired of being bombarded with aggressive ads that invade all social media and platforms, and considering the fact that we can't even read an article without closing 3 banner ads, it has become tiresome and has reduced the quality of browsing.

Consumers are well educated

Consumers are now well-educated and they not only buy based on each company's ethical values, but also demand quality and valuable content on social media.

The audience itself has changed .

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the industry changes in parallel, based on the values ​​of each individual company.

What is Mindful Marketing?

Mindful Marketing is defined as knowing your brand's values ​​and then conveying them to your audience in a conscious way. It is a practice of communicating brand purpose while integrating mindfulness philosophy with best practices in modern marketing.

It requires marketers to look for solutions that best serve their customers. Where the consumer, instead of feeling irritated by advertisements, feels interest and belonging.

This transformation from advertising to creating ethical communications, with respect and honesty towards consumers, promoting content that is useful, educational and entertaining is Mindful Marketing.

Mindful marketing = Ethical business?

Mindful marketing practice is, unfortunately, not the same as ethical business, but is about how to incorporate mindfulness into your processes and communication. However, mindful marketing can be misused when, for example, "Greenwashing", which many companies use instead of actually creating values ​​and processes that are ethically sustainable. These companies play precisely on the values ​​of the new consumer in order to attract customers who would not necessarily buy products or services from the organization without this greenwashing.

Mindful marketing works with the balance of just being truthful to create trust with the audience, in the case of misrepresentation such as greenwashing, this can harm your brand far more than it helps if it is discovered.

Conscious marketing will empower your audience and help you build a community - We need communication that empowers us.

Communication can make us feel part of a community, and if you achieve this with your brand, you will sell more than just the product. People need the human factor to religiously follow a brand and promote it as their own. And this is all about choosing your brand values ​​and making sure they are woven into your storytelling continuously.

So how can you start using mindful marketing?

Glad you asked! I will talk more about conscious marketing strategy and how, by using this in your marketing, you can create a deeper connection with your audience. So - Stay tuned!

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