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Impressions, Experiences & Creative Communication

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Interior Design

Your design reflects you as a brand and as an employer.

Your brand and employer profile is reflected in your design, both on your premises, at your events and in your communication.

Everything is connected.


Neurodesign - it is the exciting connection between brain research and design elements. By using neurodesign in both interior design and decor, you can create office environments, guest experiences and events that promote psychological security, reduce stress and increase engagement.

Design for wellness

Everything in your design triggers an emotional reaction. Your design can either increase or decrease productivity, relationships, efficiency, and even happiness. Spatial design, lighting, choice of materials, presence of plants and flowers, color schemes and artistic elements are all ways to improve mood, increase focus and reduce anxiety.

Match the experience to what you want to achieve.

Experience the design

Take your environments to a whole new level, where interior design is not only visual, but also part of the experience itself. Together we create efficient office environments, magical guest experiences, communication and memorable events where everything works together. With design and decor, we can create powerful, holistic solutions that give your company an advantage in today's competitive environment.

Josephine Thornander - A holistic view

Through my background in management and business development I am uniquely positioned to help you create environments through neurodesign that promote efficiency, leadership and strategy.

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Interior Design
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