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Do you want to work together?

Plans created for you.

I work with coaching for individuals and mentorships for entrepreneurs in tailored plans that are created uniquely for you. Apply in the form below and we will meet in a short conversation to discuss how we best can reach your goals.

Coaching & mentorship

A life aligned to you.

Everyone has the potential to create a life in line with themselves and their values.

I coach to empower others to create their best lives and I am dedicated to helping others unlock their full potential.

With a mix of innovative techniques and genuine, raw conversations, together we will work towards reaching your full potential and set the stage for the life you have always aspired to live.

Now here's the unique thing about working with me:

We do this journey strictly one-on-one.

It's just you and me — no group distractions, just a direct, personal partnership.

Whether you're lounging in your living room or sipping a coffee at your favorite spot, our sessions will be about digging deep, exploring your dreams and setting the stage to make them come true. The world may seem big, but technology has made it so much smaller. So even if you are miles away, it will feel like we are next to each other and together we will create your best life.

Together we can..

  • Get your big WHY clear so you can lead with purpose.
  • Identify WHAT is holding you back.
  • Release old truths.
  • Step in to magnetism.
  • Remove inner blocks.
  • Break free from "hustle culture".
  • Crystallize your long-term, bigger-than-you-thought-possible soul vision so you no longer feel stuck in a box and you can finally see how far you can go.

We can also...

  • Cultivate the self-esteem and confidence you need to truly believe in yourself and your soul vision.
  • Take ownership of your life and business.
  • Stand strong in prioritizing your health and that which gives you energy.
  • Turn your life into a playground of discovery, creativity and wonder.
  • Stop dimming your light to fit in and embrace ALL that you are
  • Watch your inner dialogue go from "Is this all??" to "I can't believe this is my life!"

Do you want to create a mindful, fulfilling life beyond the norm?

Apply to work with me through Coaching for individuals and mentoring for entrepreneurs in tailored programs that are created individually for you.

The structure of our collaboration.

Each individual is unique, and so is my approach.

My coaching program is designed to fit your goals, ambitions and challenges. During our time together, we see each other in 3 coaching sessions. I ensure that each session is aligned with your vision, bringing you closer to your dreams. You will also get exclusive access to me personally via Telegram anytime for direct communication every Monday through Thursday. Whether you have questions, need to send voice notes or want to fix something, I'm available to provide guidance and support.

Application form

Applications are processed continuously and after your application, you will be contacted within the next 48 hours for the next step.

I can't wait to hear from you 🫶✨

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