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A 6 month Mentorship for sustainable growth

You're an entrepreneur and a creative visionary that's ready to elevate your business journey - for balance, freedom & profits

.For the entrepreneur who is here to make an impact,you want to develop an aligned business that resonates deep within your soul. You're ready to create balance between your life and your expansive business.

You want to build an extraordinary business - and have an epic life with the freedom of TIME. And you know that you deserve to be paid well for your services. You have the vision, you are capable of setting the strategies but..

You need support, you need an objective evaluation & raw conversations to work through your subconscious blocks, brainstorm & elevate.

Then my programs are for you.

Enter the realm of transformative strategy with a dynamic mentorship tailored for creative entrepreneurs like you. Through practical consultation and guidance for your business development, positioning and strategy that directly responds to your specific needs, while working towards long-term growth and scalability.

This is a mentorship for strategic insights, with laser-focused micro-analysis of key business aspects as well as insights into your own limitations in your mindset that are blocking your expansion.

A personal journey to unleash the potential within you and your company.

It is time to enter the next phase of your development, while being receiving high level support so that you can level up and expand.

In 6 months you want to have...


If you're an ambitious entrepreneur seeking to maximize your success without sacrificing your well-being, then it's time to take control:

⇢ Achieve greater efficiency and productivity without burning out.

⇢ Embrace a sense of calm and fulfillment in both work and life.

⇢ Enjoy guilt-free downtime knowing your business is thriving.


You're already successful, but.. you find yourself craving a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. Let's reconnect you with your passion:

⇢ Rediscover excitement for your work and embrace Mondays with enthusiasm.

⇢ Align your business and career with your evolving aspirations and values.

⇢ Embrace new entrepreneurial opportunities that ignite your creativity and drive. Reconnect with you GLOW.


Love your business but feeling stagnant? It's time to break free from barriers and unlock your true potential:

⇢ Transform stagnant periods into periods of growth and innovation.

⇢ Discover new strategies to revitalize your products and services.

⇢ Get continues support by someone who lifts you up and helps you unlock your POWER.

The Slow living CEO

Hi 🤍

I'm here to help you develop a business that feels right, gives you freedom, balance and the income you want.

Because I myself have been the person who built their career and business within yesterday's normative career ladder, bypassed my emotions, felt that I needed to be perfect and "on" all the time to be successful.

I've been afraid that my business wouldn't support lifestyle changes (like having a baby, moving house, or dealing with grief/illness) because I was too ON without a system. And - it didn't feel good.

So I rebuilt.

I embraced authentic entrepreneurship and balanced living.

My process for your development

⇾ Audit



⇾ ELevate



My mentorship is for you who wants to build through conscious entrepreneurship and:

❈ Sustainable growth: Despite being a committed entrepreneur, months can be up and down, creating a lot of instability. You want to learn how to create sustainable growth by stacking revenue as well as making both short and long term strategic moves. Where the short term plans allows you to make adjustments here and now and the long term plans means that we plant seed now that you can watch come in to bloom months even years from now. And let's be honest - you want to make multi 6/7+ figures.

❈ The Hustle Era: You want to build a sustainable business that makes money and gives you back your freedom and energy. The freedom to spend your time however you want, time that let's you disconnect to reconnect with you business and your life.

❈ Sell like yourself: You're done with your "hustle & bro" marketing and sales psych. You want to create offers that suit you - both in how you sell and how you carry out your delivery. Offers that feel like YOU.

❈ Mindset: You want personall growth to be parallel to your business, that your business can flow and ebb with your visions and your goals. All while building resilience and become less anxious and more emotionally stable, in other words: You want to get off the ride that is the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

❈ Program delivery and client retention: You know you have an awesome service, you deliver value stacked offers to your clients content in your programs, but you want to increase it's delivery. You want it to be great , setting your customers up for success right from the start. You want customers who don't just stick around for 6 months, but are in it for 1-2 years (not because they have to, but because the value is so next-level incredible).

❈ Support: You want the access and support of someone who knows, who has been in the corporate dinosaur business management world and in conscious entrepreneurship where you want to go. The proximity and support with someone who can share their knowledge and expertise to help you align your dream business.

❈ Honest communication: You hold everything together for your customers, your community and the people closest to you in your life - but you also want the safety of having a place to talk freely.

❈ To tell it like it is.

❈ Not knowing the answer.

❈ Having REAL, raw conversations about the trip.

Then Elevated Expansion is for you.

Holistic guidance & development

It is a personal journey to unleash the potential within you and your company

I designed Elevated Expansion as a dynamic mentorship specifically for creative entrepreneurs like you. Through practical consultation and guidance for your business development, positioning and strategy that directly responds to your specific needs, while we work with your own personal development towards long-term growth and scalability.

Together we develop your company in line with you - for profitability, freedom & balance.


Through focused support, we handle your specific challenges and opportunities. The pillars of Elevated Expansion consist of:

❈ Strategic Planning: Develop a customized growth strategy aligned with sustainable business practices and long-term success principles in operations and marketing

❈ Operational Planning: We will audit and evaluate any potential adjustments that your business structures needs for efficiency while inkeeping with the level of quality control you need. This means also looking at implementing systemizations, outsourcing or delegating to a team member by: "Do, Defer, Delegate or Delete" and more efficency hacks.

❈ Mindset: In our journey we will notice blocks that will inevitably come up and do some deep work to break free from limitations and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities with confidence.

❈ Brand Identity: Evaluating your brand and making any adjustments for an iconic brand that stands out. An authentic brand and visual identity aligned with you and your values, that resonates with your target audience and differentiates you in the market.

❈ Product & Service offerings: Build optimized and irresistible offers with aligned and authentic selling with ethical sales skills that convert.

❈ Targeted growth initiatives: Implement strategic growth initiatives tailored to your niche, leveraging online and offline channels to attract and retain customers in a sustainable way.

❈ Leadership: Improve your own leadership skills whether you are a solopreneur who needs help in self-leadership or an agency owner to lead and inspire your team, foster a culture of innovation and drive business success with authenticity and purpose

Holistic support and development of all the fundamental parts of your business.

As you can see, this is a mentorship with a completely holistic approach to support and develop the fundamental all the parts of your business.

In Elevated Expansion, my 11 years of experience in management and business development are available to you and your company.

Because both you and I know that conscious entrepreneurship is here to stay 🤍

Not sure if this is the mentorship for you?

This is for the experienced entrepreneur that:

✦ You feel ready to reach a new level as an entrepreneur, to focus and grow your business.

✦ You want to increase your income exponentially but you're not quite sure HOW.

✦ You want to sell premium offers within "high ticket".

✦ You want to attract the RIGHT, and high paying, ideal customers to your offers and services.

✦ You want a mentor who you can get advice on strategy, mindset and conscious entrepreneurship.

✦ You already serve clients and help them get great results.

✦ Want to automate more of your systems outsource or expand your team.

✦ Are tired of jumping around from coach to coach and instead want consistent, quality, 1:1 support.

✦ Want to transition from sales calls.

✦ On the road to a multiple seven-figure business.

✦ Already building an audience that is obsessed with your offerings.



» We start the mentorship with a 90 minute strategy call to analyze your current challenges, strengths and goals. Based on this conversation, we create a document for an overall plan for your and your business development, a plan to implement in the coming months together.


» We'll meet in a bi weekly coaching session so that you get the support you need, for the implementation and any possible corrections needed of our strategy and plan. The number of sessions depends on whether you apply for 6 or 12 months of mentoring, which means a total of 12 or 24 sessions of 45 minutes each. You also get access to all notes after each session.


» You get access to personal feedback on your own development of strategies, marketing materials such as materials, content, sales pages, etc.


» Starting with our first strategy session, you get access to a private Telegram channel so you can get chat support and coaching, which is available to you every Monday to Thursday.

You also get to:

  • Cultivate the self-esteem and confidence you need to truly believe in yourself and your soul vision.
  • Take ownership of your life and business
  • Turn your life into a playground of discovery, creativity and wonder
  • Stop dimming your light to fit in and embrace ALL that you are
  • Watch your inner dialogue go from "Is this all??" to "I can't believe this is my life!"

You are amazing!


You are so good at helping your clients, you’ve built a business that is literally signing consistent clients.

Look how far you’ve come already. But imagine how far we can go…

Application form

You can read some of the previous testamonials further down this page.

Applications are processed continuously and after your application you will be contacted within the next 48 hours.

Feel free to apply even if you are not 1000% sure this is what you need and we can chat through it together without pressure. If Elevated expansion is not right for you right now, I can recommend another way that I can support you as well (or my best advice to you! )

I only work with a few clients at a time in my mentor program, places are very limited. My private 1:1 mentorship is a $5 figure investment, apply only if you ready to invest right now.

I can't wait to hear from you! 🫶✨

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What do some of the clients say about my coaching?

Read testimonials from Guided Growth sessions

"In just a few short months of working with Josephine, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Josephine's unique insight, her attention to the not-so-obvious, contributes to her overall spirit and knowledge as a life coach. I was fortunate to our paths crossed."

- Corinne J.

"Josefin's coaching has really helped me during a time of great change in my life. She has helped me redefine my priorities and take huge steps towards a more fulfilling career and life."

- Beverly S.

"My natural state is severe 'analysis-paralysis', measuring my worth by performance and pursuing perfectionism over progress. It can be difficult for me to make decisions and take action. Enter Josephine! She has a special gift in providing a safe space where I felt encouraged and supported to bring my "mess" to the table. She offered an objective perspective where we could zoom out and identify the underlying challenges that prevented me from taking the actions I desired. She was a constant resource for motivation and empathic leadership when I felt the need to jump ship. She was the strength that helped me stay the course - the course I knew was true, genuine and necessary for my ultimate fulfillment. Today, with Josephine's help, I am in the arena and living my most fulfilled chapter yet."

- Audrey H.

"Josephine has a true knack for combining empathy and accountability in her coaching style. She first listened to let me tell my story without expectation or judgment and then helped me define the right plan. She constantly reminded me of my stated intentions when I wavered or considered going against my better judgment. I felt she truly shared my desire to achieve my results, and saw it as more than a problem to be solved, rather than a process that required continuous practice."

- Lynn A.

“Josephine and her program are a game changer. I came across her TikTok at a time when I was feeling lost and unmotivated. Where I had felt that I had reached my peak in every part of my life. During our first discovery session, I was hooked. I knew this was exactly what I needed and I was willing to go all in on the six month program together. I allow myself to be vulnerable and open to all possibilities. With her coaching and the actions I've taken, I've been able to discover who I am at my core, my purpose and my Zone of Genius, which has helped tremendously in my business. Josephine has opened my world to so many new opportunities and I am so grateful for how dedicated she is as a coach.”

- Emma L.