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Hemrum & Konsulttjänster blir ett - i nya Aidler

Hemrum & Consulting services become one - in the new Aidler

Design and development have always been my passion.  To create, reshape and sculpt, to find the beauty in the details of projects, design and life - that has always been my driving force.

After 10 years as an in-house consultant in business development and management, I followed my passion for design and interior design when I started Hemrum in April.

In the beginning, Hemrum focused on interior design, with interior design services and a webshop. The goal was to help people transform their homes and workplaces into amazing spaces.

I knew that it would take time to build, and I planned to continue as a consultant in my specialist field in parallel.

But I realized how fragmented I became running two separate projects with different services. Where I as a consultant felt like a completely different person than I was in Hemrum.

I also felt like I didn't get to Homeroom the way I wanted and not only that - I got what felt like massive blocks from the universe:

Within the first 3 months, Hemrum's and my personal social media accounts were hacked, which led to me being locked out of all accounts for several weeks and the accounts were also flagged by Meta, unable to be linked to or found via google. These are just some of all the obstacles that were presented!

And - once you are in the middle of the analyzes and orders for physical products, you feel the amount of physical goods you have to sell to even be able to switch to working with it 100% than when it was just forecasts😱 for me this felt completely wrong. I realized that I don't want to live by mediating the consumer society in that way, but invest in mediating conscious products in parallel with service offerings.

A Cosmic "Do Over"

So since last summer I've been focusing on my work as a consultant - and I was about to just close Hemrum, but something held me back.

It became clear to me that separating my passion for design and my consulting projects in development was not what I wanted to do. I also didn't want to have to put on the "consultant persona" every day, like a costume for a masquerade...

That's when the idea of ​​a change was born!

So now I've merged both concepts into a brand new version - Homeroom and my consulting services, Aidler, to gather! Now with a red thread of Mindful living, with conscious development - for you and your company.

Mindful Living

I combine my interests in services for development with conscious methods, through Flow, Coaching, Neurodesign and Mindful Business.

Aidler allows me to continue to create conscious development - for companies and individuals with magical experiences and epic stories.

Thank you for being part of my journey and my passion for development. Let's continue to create magic together!

Fun fact - Funnily enough, Hemrum opened just after Saturn entered Pisces, I paused Hemrum when it went retrograde and now that Saturn is finally going direct the new direction is being presented and launched under Aidler - which was also sneakily launched at the Full Moon in Taurus in my ninth house of entrepreneurship.

We'll see what the universe thinks of the new direction!

Don't miss out - Big sale on the webshop is coming as it will from now on focus on wellness.

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