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Create a home unique to you.

Within the Stockholm & Uppsala area

Interior & Wellness

Combine authentic design with well-being

Your home decor can either enhance or hinder productivity, intimacy, efficiency, recovery and even happiness.

Everything in your home triggers an emotional response. The spaciousness of your home, the layout of the room, the lighting, the use of materials, the presence of plants and flowers, the use of color and the use of art are all ways to improve your mood, increase your focus and reduce anxiety.


Book a advisory session and together with we will make your home a better place for relaxation and enjoyment.

Because well-being starts at home.


Here you will find our ready-made services, if you need additions such as 3D rendering or other arrangements, send an email with the details of your request.

Nu under sommaren har jag rabatt på flera olika paket, skicka ett mail så får ni ett skräddarsytt erbjudande!


Of course, we would prefer to help you with your entire project!

By uniting authentic design and well-being you create and design a home for long-term well-being. Every assignment is tailored so that you will feel comfortable and thrive in your home, regardless of whether it is a new or existing home.

We help you from defining your unique style, color scheme, choice of furniture and details to design proposals as well as hiring and project management of craftsmen.

Reach out with scope, specific needs and budget so we tailor the project together.

Price is quoted based on your individual needs and project.


When you need help finding your unique style and give suggestions on how to create it.

The consultation takes 1.5 hours and takes place most advantageously at your home. If you don't live in Stockholm or the Uppsala area, we will of course book a digital meeting.

During the consultation, we go through the spaces you want to focus on, discuss stylistic solutions and general color suggestions.

In preparation before the consultation, you receive a form with questions to answer and send back along with pictures of the rooms you want to focus on.

A consultation meeting of 1.5 hours is enough for approximately 1-3 rooms, depending on the scope and detail. For larger projects, reach out for a tailored solution.

Price: SEK 10,000 including VAT

Mood board

This includes 1.5 hours of consultation followed by digital delivery of the Moodboard and purchase suggestions.

The process begins with a consultation in your home in the Stockholm or Uppsala area, where we go over the choice of furniture, textiles, lighting and accessories for 1.5 hours.

You will receive a digital proposal for various possibilities and ideas that suit your home and your needs through:

  • a mood board
  • a written description of the design concept and interior design proposal in outline
  • a general proposal for a stylistic solution and coloring
  • a proposal for lighting, textiles and accessories

Price from: SEK 10,000 incl. VAT

Price is based on number of rooms and extent.


Before your sale

Sometimes it's easy to miss the hidden opportunities in your home.

Homestyling - Through Homestyling you can give your home a real boost! Generally speaking, the value of your home increases by 7-15%. This means that if you sell your home for SEK 3 million, you can increase its value by as much as SEK 210,000 - 450,000. And sometimes, miraculously, your home's value can increase even more – sometimes as much as 30%.

Renovation - smart choices to increase your home's value. We knows that balancing costs and results is key. Simply put, a new color on the walls can do wonders. How much you should invest varies, depending on your home and the unique characteristics of the area. Generally speaking, smaller interventions under SEK 20,000 often give a good return. In exclusive areas, it may be worth doing more. We help you make the right choice.

Homestyling packages

Choose between different packages of Homestyling and consultations services before your sale. Email us with information about the square meter area, number of rooms, timeline and needs and we will get back to you with a quote.

Price from: SEK 5,895 including VAT

Contact Us

Our goal is to help you create a home that not only reflects your style, but also supports your personal growth and well-being.

Because well-being starts at home.

Contact us in the form below today to start your journey towards an inspiring home that promotes personal development.

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