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Josephine Thornander

Mindful Living

Mindful development

I am on a creative mission to introduce development with conscious methods - for both companies and individuals.

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With a commitment that is equal parts empowering and entertaining, I share my knowledge in conscious development in: Flow through Mindfulness, The Mind-Body connection and Mindful Business.

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Why Hire Josephine?

For Workshops & Lectures

Mindful Business

With in-depth experience in business development and marketing, I give you practical tools for success in a conscious world.


Self and Team Leadership by cultivating a supportive environment with room for development and empathy, where the company's values ​​of inclusion, quality and respect are incorporated.


Good "Flow", business flow, describes an organizational system that can provide a consistent, steady flow of value to its customers. Bad flow is what happens when everyone is busy, but it seems impossible to get anything done. How does it look with you and do you have the right tools?

Mindfulness in business

Mindfulness can help you cut through the noise and focus on the most relevant task. In addition to elevating mood, this will also lead to improved work performance through sustained attention and concentration. We can introduce everything from micro methods to larger initiatives.