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Guided Growth

Mindset & Strategy

A 3-month 1:1 coaching and consulting program tailored for consultants, coaches, and other service-based business owners who wants help with their strategic planning and mindset to be able to build an aligned business and stable 6/7+ figure revenue.

3 months of guided growth

For a Strategy & Mindset that matches your goals.

In Guided Growth, we let go of the traditional course structure for an agile and personal approach. Tailored support, real-time consultation and guidance designed specifically for your unique business needs awaits you.

This program is created to help you develop a business that is aligned, gives you the freed and balance you want.

Now, after 11 years as a consultant in management and business development, I'm a hustle dropout and I help creative and conscious entrepreneurs all over the world with business development. I help you who are coaches, consultants and other service-based businesses through a holistic approach - to adapt and expand your business according to your goals.

With unique personal advisory services, tailored to your specific entrepreneurial journey this program is designed to expand your mindset, adjust your business structures while implementing systems and strategies for long term growth.

You get my 11+ years of experience, working with everyhting from small businesses to international high multi $9 figure corporations applied to your business and your journey.

Does this resonate?

❈ Sustainable growth: Despite being a committed entrepreneur, months can be up and down, creating a lot of instability. You want to learn how to create sustainable growth by stacking revenue.

❈ The Hustle Era: You want to build a sustainable business that makes money and gives you back your freedom and energy.

❈ Sell like yourself: You're done with your "hustle & bro" marketing. You want to create offers that suit you - both in how you sell and how you carry out your delivery. Offers that feel like YOU.

❈ Mindset: You want to grow personally parallel to your business, become less anxious and more emotionally. You want to get off the ride that is the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

Then Guided Growth is for you.

Start the journey towards an expansive, sustainable and profitable business that is aligned to you.

What you can expect from our time together:

Through focused support, we handle your specific challenges and opportunities. The pillars of Guided Growth consist of:

❈ Strategic Planning: Develop a customized growth strategy aligned with sustainable business practices and long-term success principles in operations and marketing

❈ Mindset: Overcome your blocks and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities with confidence.

The structure of our collaboration:

90 days of guided growth for you & your business

» We start the program with a one-hour strategy session to analyze your current challenges, strengths and goals. Based on this conversation, we create an overall plan for your and your company's development, to be implemented over the next three months together.

» 6 x 1:1 coaching calls - We meet in bi-weekly coaching session so that you get the support you need to work on your mindset and the blocks that come up during the implementation of our development plan. The sessions are 45 minutes each.

» From our first strategy session you get access to a private telegram channel so you can get chat support and coaching, available every Monday to Thursday.

» Access to personal feedback on your development of strategies, marketing materials such as materials, content, sales pages, etc.

You also get:

Cultivate the self-esteem and confidence you need to truly believe in yourself and your soul vision.

Take ownership of your life and business.

Stop dimming your light to fit in and embrace ALL that you are.

You are amazing!

Think of all the possibilities

You are so good at helping your clients, you’ve built a business that is literally signing consistent clients.

Look how far you’ve come already. But imagine how far we can go…

Application form

Applications are processed continuously and after your application, you will be contacted within the next 48 hours.

Feel free to apply even if you're not 1000% certain this is what you need & we can chat through it together with the pressure off. If it's not the right fit, I can recommend another way that I can support you too (or my best advice for you!)

I only work with a few clients at a time in my 1:1 programs and the places are very limited. My private 1:1 is an investment, apply only if you ready to invest right now.

Can't wait to hear from you 🫶✨

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